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Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals: A Permanent Replacement to Weatherstripping

About Our Product

For energy conservation or non-chemical pest control, nothing seals as completely or as permanently as Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals!

Almost Airtight’s Nylon Brush Seal easily conforms to the most irregular surface, filling pits and gaps, yet does not inhibit the door's function. No vinyl, rubber or neoprene weatherstripping can match this thoroughness or resistance to wear.

The Almost Airtight Brush Seal is a nylon bristled brush, permanently locked into a galvanized steel backing, which in turn is inserted into a rigid aluminum channel of varying design. This entire assembly is then mounted to cover a gap providing an almost airtight seal (98%).

Why Nylon Bristles?

The finer diameter nylon bristles used in Almost Airtight’s Brush Seal (thousands per foot) are nestled tightly together to impede the passage of hot or cold air, light, dirt, sand, dust, insects, and small rodents. The unsurpassed flexibility, recovery, and abrasive resistance properties of Almost Airtight’s Brush Seal produce a weather seal that can flex back and forth easily and yet will always return to the original sealed position.

Guaranteed for the life of your door*, the Almost Airtight nylon Brush Seal is far superior to any other weather stripping on the market and complies with UL 10B requirements. It can cover a gap from 1/8” up to 6”, providing an almost airtight seal (98%-99%) that will control or eliminate energy loss (heating and cooling) and keep out light, dirt, dust, sand, insects, and small rodents. Almost Airtight Brush Seals are virtually indestructible with a broad range of applications. Almost Airtight can't be pulled out, nor will it wear out. It returns to its original shape and is able to resist temperatures from 100 degrees below zero to 350 degrees above zero. It is non-toxic and resists most solvents.

Test Data

Single Acting Door: Air infiltration tests were conducted in accordance with ANSI SPEC.ASTME 283-73 for weather stripping, using an incline manometer connected to a static pressure tap in a sealed plenum chamber. Tests were conducted at pressures equivalent to wind velocities of 15,25 and 35 M.P H. The Brush Seals were then removed and identical tests conducted without them.

Air Infiltration Recorded Per Linear Foot

Wind Velocity Without Brush Seals With Brush Seals Efficiency of Seals
15 MPH 6.52 CU FT/MIN 0.06 CU FT/MIN 99%
25 MPH 11.01 CU FT/MIN 0.19 CU FT/MIN 98%
35 MPH 15.00 CU FT/MIN 0.25 CU FT/MIN 98%


*Properly installed, our brush seals will outlast the door(s) originally installed on.

Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals are easy to install door seals. Great for both residential and commercial applications, Almost Airtight is a permanent weatherstripping that will control or eliminate energy loss (heating and cooling) drafts, dirt, dust, sand, snow, bugs, smoke, light and more! Great for home steel entry doors, screen doors, doorwalls, garage doors, shipping & receiving doors, freezer doors, dock levelers, rolling steel overhead doors, rail car doors, and aircraft hangar doors.

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